Le 25 miglior cose da fare a Palermo

lunedì 04 novembre 2019


Insieme a MediTravel, trascorri una vacanza sicura, emozionante e senza preoccupazioni e scopri l'incantevole bellezza di Palermo con la nostra lista delle migliori cose da fare e vedere qui.

Palermo is a must-visit city when travelling Sicily and understanding its culture and history. It is not only the capital of the island but also a treasured metropolis that reflects its past, present and future. Together with MediTravel, spend a safe, exciting and worry-free holiday and discover the enchanting beauty of Palermo with our list of the best things to do and see here.

Admire Palermo’s Arab-Norman wonders

The Arab-Norman wonders of Palermo are a series of UNESCO locations showcasing the impressive blend of Arab-Norman architectures.

Palazzo dei Normanni is one of the splendid structures built during the Norman period in Sicily. The palace served as the previous kings’ official residence and designed in various styles displaying the influences that shaped Palermo. From its Punic origin to Islamic control, reign of the Normans as well as the rulers that followed. You can come across substantial details connected to certain eras. It also houses the majestic Cappella Palatina , the then royal family chapel, famous for its carved ceilings and commissioned works from Muslim artists.

The other world heritage sites to hold in high regards include the Palermo Cathedral, churches of Saint John of the Hermits, Martorana, and Saint Cataldo. all near the Norman Palace and in walking distance to each other. Around 20 minutes by car are the La Zisa castle and the Admiral’s Bridge. To further complete the series, you can also do day trips from Palermo and visit the Monreale and Cefalù cathedrals,

Wander in the historic centre

Walk your way around the narrow streets and main roads of Palermo’s historic centre where you can find these protected UNESCO sites. You can pass by grand monuments like the Baroque square of Quattro Canti crossing the streets Via Maqueda and the Corso Vittorio Emanuele. There are also plenty of hidden jewels to uncover. Museums, palaces, private noble homes and more than 50 stunning churches are waiting to be explored.

Explore the old markets

Taste Italy’s most authentic street food scene

Enjoy the lively nightlife

Beach Day at Mondello

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